Dr. Valerie Hunt’s Energy Field Images

Dr. Valerie V. Hunt on bio energy healing:

The film depicts how these engergy frequency waves (Chi energy) flow in and out of the human body in different life scenarios – from eating low nutritious meals, to playing on the beach, or interacting with a child. Dr. Hunt’s research and film won her international acclaim in the fields of physiology, medicine and bio-engineering. Her most groundbreaking research has led to better scientific understanding between bio-energy fields, disease in the human body, and other distrubances including emotional pathologies. You can check her out on youtube.com and her website: valerievhunt.com Dr. Clement has been leading the field of alternative health care at his Hippocrates Institute for many years.

[I lifted the description above from this page: http://www.blanelaw.com/video/clement-1986film.cfm Note Dr. Hunt passed in 2014.]

Video: Dr. Valerie Hunt’s Energy Field Images


Dr. Valerie V. Hunt on bio energy healing fighting cancer:
How do I program it? With the emotions. The emotions are the ‘valves’…. I have found that those people who don’t have enough of the rich lower vibrations are the people who get tumours and cancers…”


Interview with Dr. Hunt:
Deficiency diseases like cancer and fatigue syndrome have anticoherent patterns in the high frequency ranges, with almost no energy at all in the lower frequencies.

Hyperactive conditions like colitis, hypertension, and skin problems show anticoherent patterns in the low frequencies, with absent vibrations in the high frequencies.” http://www.spiritofmaat.com/archive/nov1/vh.htm

Another Interview with Dr. Hunt: https://healthontheedge.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/the-human-energy-field-an-interview-with-valerie-v-hunt-ph-d/