“The Buteyko breath-retaining method was discovered in 1960 by Dr.Konstantin Buteyko during his work with the Soviet space program. The Buteyko Method is based upon a clear and scientifically precise understanding of that physical function known to be, since ancient times, of supreme importance to human physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, how to breath.

Subject to 50 years of study at several main teaching centers in Russia and the Ukraine, the outcome has always shown the same result… control your breath to control your health.”

Fantastic article from Dr. Mark Sircus:

“There are many ways to getting more oxygen but there is no deeper way than learning to slow one’s breathing down. Way down in most people’s case especially if they have cancer or are sick with any disease. The general idea is to get enough oxygen into your blood to support your physiological requirements and power your limbs, organs, and muscles. Controlled breathing not only keeps the mind and body functioning at their best, it can also lower blood pressure, promote feelings of calm and relaxation and help us de-stress.

Your breathing or respiratory rate is defined as the number of breaths a person takes during a one-minute period while at rest. Recent studies suggest that an accurate recording of respiratory rate is very important in predicting serious medical events…”

Breathing to Live Longer