Reiki training enables you to practice this wonderful healing art on yourself and others – including pets and plants – and more.  It is extremely fast and easy to learn, requiring no special skills or experience.  And once you have received Reiki training, you will have the ability to practice Reiki for the rest of your life.

By attending a class, you will begin to experience the way Reiki promotes balance on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and thereby stimulates our own innate healing mechanisms.

My class sizes are small – 2 – 4 students – so you will receive plenty of individual attention.  Beverages are provided (filtered water and herbal teas).

I teach the Usui/Tibetan style of Reiki in 4 levels (levels 1, 2, Advanced Reiki Training (ART) and Master Level Training).

Upon completion of a class, students receive a Reiki Practitioner certificate and are invited to attend regular Reiki meet-ups where we provide a support network and (free!) treatments for one another.

I generally suggest that students take some time between levels, in order to practice what they have already learned and develop their connection to Reiki before moving forward.

For all levels, group classes and discounts can be arranged.

Level 1 Classes:

Level 1 training consists of learning Reiki basics, including but not limited to: a brief history of Reiki, what it is, examples of how it can be used, standard hand positions for treating yourself and others, and various Japanese Reiki techniques.  You will receive the Level 1 Reiki attunement, instruction and hands-on practice giving Reiki to yourself and a partner.  (If you make a donation of $0.06 or a hug, you will also have the option to receive an excellent complimentary Reiki manual.)

You do not need to know anything about Reiki prior to class, and will not be tested on anything during class.  There is nothing to stress about!  All material can be found in the complimentary manual or class handout, so you will be able to review it at your convenience.

You are welcome to attend a Level 1 class even if you have previously trained to any level of Reiki.

Upcoming Level 1 classes:

Saturday September 22nd, 10 am – 6 pm.

Cost for Level 1 Training:
$100 (with a minimum class size of 2 students).  A nonrefundable $25 deposit is required to register a space.

Level 2 Classes:

Many practitioners are content with only Level 1 Reiki, as it is all they need to be able to treat themselves and others who are close by.  Level 2 training is for those who wish to be able to send Reiki to others at a distance, through time, and/or to make use of some Reiki symbols.

The Level 2 initiation will attune you to 3 Reiki symbols, including the distance symbol, and further develop your connection to Reiki.  You will be sent the symbols prior to class so that you can practice drawing them.  Please note that the power of these symbols comes from a combination of the level 2 attunement along with the symbols themselves.

All class material can be found in your manual or class handout, so you will be able to review it at your convenience. Please bring your Level 1/2 manual to class (Reiki: The Healing Touch First & Second Degree Manual, by William Lee Rand).

Upcoming Level 2 class:


Cost for Level 2 Training:

$100. This covers instruction, your handout, certificate and beverages (filtered water and herbal teas).  A nonrefundable $25 deposit is required to register a space.


Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master Classes:

The higher levels of Reiki involve learning some additional symbols and techniques that enhance your use of Reiki.  The Master level enables you to teach and initiate others into Reiki.

Some Teachers teach this material in one level, combining material from the Advanced Reiki Training and Master classes.  However, some students wish to learn the additional material but are not interested in teaching.  For this reason, I offer the Masters level material as I learned it myself, in a separate classes.

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) Classes:

In the ART class, students receive a third attunement that initiates them into use of the Usui Master symbol and further strengthens and refines their use of Reiki energy.  They gain practice in using the Master symbol, as well as learn advanced Reiki techniques.  Please note that the power of the Usui Master symbol comes from a combination of the ART attunement along with the symbol itself, and the symbol alone will not have the desired effect.

Upcoming ART class:


Reiki 3/Master Classes:

‘Master’ in the Reiki context means ‘teacher’, and the Master level class is for those who want to be able to teach Reiki to others.  Students learn how to give attunements and thereby initiate others into the Reiki system.  This class also provides an attunement to some additional symbols that are Tibetan (rather than Japanese) in origin and are not part of the original Reiki system developed by Mikao Usui – hence this is an Usui/Tibetan Master class.  Students will practice giving attunements to all 4 levels of Reiki.  This is a 2-day class.

Upcoming Master class:

Contact me to register or for more information:

Phone: 905-230-4155
On Facebook: Christine Massey Reiki Practitioner

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Location: Downtown Brampton, steps from Gage Park and City Hall.

Payment Methods:
   Cash or email transfer.  For email transfers, direct payment to and indicate the class date that you have signed up for.  Please note that I am unable to process debit and credit cards at this time.

Gift certificates are available, if you would like to empower a loved one with the gift of a Reiki class.

I look forward to sharing this wonderful healing art with you!

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