Protecting Reiki

If you value holistic, traditional, spiritual and natural treatments – and freedom of expression and freedom of choice – please be aware that they are under attack in Ontario.

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Unconstitutional legislative changes to the Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991 (RHPA), buried in a huge omnibus bill in 2007, threaten the future of Reiki – and all natural, spiritual, holistic and traditional treatments – in Ontario.  These changes could become enforceable at any time.

An amendment to the RHPA created a new controlled act of “psychotherapy”.  ‘Controlled’ acts are acts that are outlawed when done by all but ‘authorized’ individuals.    For this particular controlled act only MDs, nurses, psychologists, registered psychotherapists, occupational workers and social workers will be authorized.  Everyone else in Ontario will face up to a year in jail and a $25,000 fine for a first ‘offense’ of helping someone without Big Brother’s approval.  To make matters even worse, the key terms in this law were left undefined.  The public is left to guess what exactly is meant by “psychotherapy”… “serious disorder”… and “seriously impair”.

The College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), the new regulatory “college” that will regulate psychotherapy in Ontario allegedly on behalf of the public, while claiming to strive for “fairness, openness, responsiveness and respect for diversity, also refuses to provide their working definitions of the terms in the legislation.  The legislation has been on the books for 9 years now, and millions of taxpayers’ dollars have been spent to set up this psychotherapy ‘college’, yet they refuse to provide a definition of the very thing they were set up to regulate!  Rather, they leave the public and practitioners entirely in the dark, expected to avoid doing this new controlled act, without even knowing what exactly it is.  This is no less absurd than a law that prohibits parking in certain areas, with the public left to guess where they can and cannot park.

On top of all this, the regulatory “college”, CRPO, is in fact, like all other healthcare regulatory colleges in Ontario, a private corporation that the Ontario government has given power over all of us.  It is not accountable to the pubic, not subject to the  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), or the Corporations Act, and is scheduled to also become exempt from Ontario’s Not-for-Profit Corporations Act.

This lack of definition for the law’s key terms is problematic enough, but to fully appreciate the problem we face, these amendments need to be taken into consideration along with supplemental information that has been kept from the public and is posted on the Stop Psychotherapy Takeover website.  This information shows that we can expect the legislation’s key terms to be interpreted in a very, very broad way.  For example, there is a list of hundreds of “psychotherapy approaches” in the American Psychological Association’s Dictionary of Clinical Psychology.  (Interestingly, this list was greatly expanded right at the time this legislation was brought into law.  Coincidence?  Not likely.)  And the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists also considers energy treatments a form of psychotherapy (both their original and cached webpages have been removed from the Internet, so see Stop Psychotherapy Takeover’s screenshot here).

The APA’s list is so comprehensive, including such things as exercise therapy (even exercise for prevention of disease), light therapy, Zen therapy (which includes meditation), vitamin and mineral therapy and holistic education – such that no holistic, spiritual, natural or traditional practitioner should think that they have nothing to be concerned about.  We are all on the chopping block – even regulated practitioners such as Naturopaths and TCM practitioners.

The exceptions to the new controlled act of “psychotherapy” are extremely limited and include circular smoke and mirrors.  For example, you can counsel “as long as it is not a communication that a health profession Act authorizes members to make” – and the controlled act of “psychotherapy” is a communication that the Psychotherapy Act authorizes members to make.  Therefore, given that counseling is considered psychotherapy (according to the APA), only the 6 favoured medical model groups will be able to perform it without fear of massive penalties.

This law is entirely illegitimate.  Canada’s Constitution requires proof that the public needs protecting from something in order for legislation that limits our basic freedoms to be lawful.  There is no justification for prohibiting the use of Reiki and other natural, spiritual, traditional and holistic treatments by unregulated practitioners for a “serious disorder” – either as a primary treatment or as an adjunct therapy.  Reiki in particular has no known contraindications – it is guided by spiritual consciousness and does no harm.  And natural, spiritual, traditional and holistic treatments as a whole are far safer than the harmful psychiatric drugs prescribed widely prescribed by regulated MDs.

The legislation only applies to clients with a ‘serious disorder’.  However, please realize that any client could be classified as having a “serious disorder” – especially by those psychotherapists/psychologists/psychiatrists and big pharmaceutical companies behind this health care coup who seek to eliminate their natural, spiritual, traditional and holistic competition that is increasingly preferred by the public.  Psychiatrists and psychologists can now use the thoroughly unscientific DSM (their Bible) to come up with at least one demeaning label and diagnosis for virtually everyone on the planet.  Further, refusing a client service based on their mental health status would violate Human Rights legislation!

There is no justification for depriving the public of their right to freely choose their health care treatment and practitioner – either as their primary treatment or as an adjunct therapy.  The freedom to choose, which is supported by the Constitution, does not mean the freedom to choose AFTER your preferred practitioners and their treatments have been eliminated from the healthcare scene.

Learn more and access the new Formal Petition here: Stop Psychotherapy Takeover

Article on the Importance of Keeping Reiki Free, by William Lee Rand

This is me, discussing the legislation at the 2016 Total Health Show in Toronto.