What to Expect

During treatment, I will use my hands to apply comfortable pressure (no pain!) to reflex areas on your head, feet and hands.  This releases blockages and balances your energy and body, improving your circulation and stimulating your immune system.

The treatment takes place while you lie, fully clothed aside from your socks, on a table specially designed for your comfort.  You will indicate the level of pressure you prefer, and this can be altered as we go along through the session.  A treatment can be very relaxing – you might even fall asleep!

Reflexology is different from a massage.  Rather than working directly on areas of interest, we instead focus on the reflex areas as an indirect method of stimulating the organs, circulation, etc.

As with Reiki, you will be free to talk, ask questions, make requests, cry, fall asleep… or all of the above!  Sessions are typically quiet times, but I encourage you to speak up whenever you feel the urge.

Reflexology is a holistic healing art, capable of stimulating the physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual levels of our being.  Some potential benefits include:

Improved circulation of your blood, lymph & energy
Enhanced Immune Function
Relief or Reduction of Pain
Increased Sense of Balance and Groundedness
Emotional and/or Physical Detox

An initial session takes 1.25 – 2 hours, allowing time for a brief health history before the actual treatment.


How to Prepare

In the hours before a Reflexology treatment, it’s a good idea to avoid caffeine and alcohol, and anything else that might interfere with your ability to relax and heal.  Comfortable clothing will make your experience more pleasant.  Please avoid the use of fragrances.  I’ll suggest that you turn off any electronics so that you may enjoy the session without unnecessary interruption or interference from human-created EMFs.  Ideally, you will remove your socks.


After a Treatment

After a Reflexology treatment, please drink lots of pure water (preferably unfluoridated). Reflexology can trigger the release of toxins, and drinking water will help to flush them out of your system.

Before bed, a bath with Epsom or other healthy salts (i.e. Himalayan salts) will help to draw any released toxins away from your skin. This will also provide you with beneficial minerals such as magnesium.

Also, please be kind to yourself! Give yourself as much time and space as you are able to, so that your system can process any shifts that may occur.  As with Reiki, every session is unique – after a treatment, you may feel energized and ready to go, or you may feel very relaxed and wishing to curl up in a ball for a while. You may find that emotional issues have been brought to the surface.  If possible, schedule some time for yourself after the treatment, so that you will be free to do whatever is best for you at that time.

Confidentiality: I will never share information about you with any third party, without your written consent, or the written consent of your parent or guardian if you are under age 18.


Contact me to book an appointment or for more information:

Phone: 905-230-4155
On Facebook: Christine Massey Reiki Practitioner

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Gift certificates are available, if you would like to treat a loved one with the gift of a Reflexology treatment.


Cost: $50.

Payment Methods:   Cash or email transfer.  For email transfers, direct payment to Please note that I am unable to process debit and credit cards at this time.