Reiki & Science

Below is a hodge-podge offering of some of the science relating to vibrational healing, and some evidence on Reiki specifically.  I hope you find it as fascinating and exciting as I do.

According to C. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D., Founder, American Holistic Medical Association:

Reiki is one of the leading safe Energy Medicine approaches. The study summaries provided by the Center for Reiki Research are the best source for information on Reiki Research.

Founded by William Lee Rand (who taught my Reiki teacher, Lianne Graham), the Center for Reiki Research tracks and summarizes peer-reviewed Reiki research (you many need to obtain a free password to view the Center’s links), conducts and publishes the results of its own research, and offers a research consultation service. It also provides information on over 75 hospitals, clinics and hospice programs that offer Reiki as a standard part of care (including John Hopkins Integrative Medicine & Digestive Center and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center) and offers training in the introduction of Reiki into medical settings.

The healthcare heroes at are also tracking Reiki research studies:

In William’s article on the use of Reiki in Hospitals, he describes the Reiki program at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire, and the California Pacific Medical Center’s Reiki Program, as well as the experiences of various MDs and nurses offering and teaching Reiki in Michigan and New England.  He explains that “At hospitals and clinics across America, Reiki is beginning to gain acceptance as a meaningful and cost-effective way to improve patient care.

You can read William’s fascinating interview with James L. Oschman, Ph.D., where they discuss Science and the Human Energy Field.  Dr. Oschman has worked “worked in the fields of cell biology, biophysics, and physiology, doing research and teaching at major universities and laboratories in the US and abroad.”  You can read more about him and his related work here and here, and watch his wonderful presentation at the Annual World Congress of Anti-Aging Medicine.

In his interview, Dr. Oschman reminds us that while some mainstream doctors and scientists are skeptical of Reiki and other forms of energy medicine, many medical technologies, such as X-rays, MRIs, electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, magnetocardiograms and, magnetoretinograms already use energy for diagnosis and treatment.  He also points out that “In a few decades scientists went from a conviction that there is no such thing as an energy field around the human body to a certainty that such fields exist and are medically important” and that pulsing electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) for bone healing is now part of mainstream medicine.

William has written another wonderful articleA Scientific Explanation of Reiki“, in which he presents theories on the mechanism(s) by which Reiki works.

Alice Moore, RN, MA is a co-founder of the Reiki Volunteer Program in the Department of Integrative Medicine at the Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT.  In her description of Reiki’s use at the hospital, Alice explains that:

Research on various types of energy work has shown that, in addition to deep relaxation, Reiki can promote a reduction in anxiety, muscle tension, and pain, can promote accelerated wound healing, and can promote wellness and a greater sense of well-being. It is useful during illness, after injuries, pre- and post-op, as well as for health promotion.

Alice’s article “Reiki Energy Medicine: Enhancing the Healing Process” shows that statistically significant reductions in pain and anxiety were found after Reiki sessions during the pilot phase of the hospital’s Integrative Medicine Program.

Alice Moore and Dr. Oschman both describe the use of magnetometers called Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDs), used to measure the human energy field.  Dr. John Zimmerman of the University of Colorado has measured magnetic fields ranging from .3-30 Hz around the hands of trained energy healers while doing their work.  The fields were not not static, but were observed to ‘sweep’ through this range and were concentrated in the 7-8 Hz range.  The observed range closely corresponds to the extremely low range (ELF, 3-30 Hz) – the range known to be effective for the regeneration of various tissues – and the alpha (7–14 Hz) and theta (4–7 Hz) ranges observed in the brains of meditators.  These same fields did not appear around the hands of sham healers making similar hand movements.

Dr. Valerie V. Hunt on bio energy healing:

The film depicts how these engergy frequency waves (Chi energy) flow in and out of the human body in different life scenarios – from eating low nutritious meals, to playing on the beach, or interacting with a child. Dr. Hunt’s research and film won her international acclaim in the fields of physiology, medicine and bio-engineering. Her most groundbreaking research has led to better scientific understanding between bio-energy fields, disease in the human body, and other distrubances including emotional pathologies. You can check her out on and her website: Dr. Clement has been leading the field of alternative health care at his Hippocrates Institute for many years.

[I lifted the description above from this page: Note Dr. Hunt passed in 2014.]

Video: Dr. Valerie Hunt’s Energy Field Images

Dr. Valerie V. Hunt on bio energy healing fighting cancer:
How do I program it? With the emotions. The emotions are the ‘valves’…. I have found that those people who don’t have enough of the rich lower vibrations are the people who get tumours and cancers…”

Interview with Dr. Hunt:
Deficiency diseases like cancer and fatigue syndrome have anticoherent patterns in the high frequency ranges, with almost no energy at all in the lower frequencies.

Hyperactive conditions like colitis, hypertension, and skin problems show anticoherent patterns in the low frequencies, with absent vibrations in the high frequencies.

Another interview with Dr. Hunt:

In the 1960′s a Swiss scientist, Dr. Hans Jenny, showed that sound (vibration) shapes matter.  Some of his fascinating work in the field of cymatics was captured on film.

“The film you are about to see has no characters, it has no people. It is a film to describe to you, and explain visually, the effect of cymatic frequencies on texture, structure, water, and oil. If you spare a little of your imagination as you watch this film as it runs, you will see many things that answer many questions. You will see living forms, living amoeba, almost animal-like creatures. You will see continents being formed, The Earth itself coming into existence: explosions, eruptions, atomic explosions, and bombs. You can see all this and watch it before your eyes. Everything owes its existence solely and completely to sound. Sound is a factor which holds it together; sound is the basis for form and shape. ‘In the beginning there was the word, and the word was God’: We are told this is how the world began and how creation took shape. If we put that into the modern idiom and say that into the great voids of space came a sound, and the matter took shape.”  – Peter Guy Manners, MD

Cymatics researcher Gabriel Kelemen was shocked when he produced what looked very much like a human face with sound:

Amit Goswami, PhD is a ‘retired professor from the theoretical physics department of the University of Oregon’ in Eugene, ‘a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called “science within consciousness”’ and author of a textbook called Quantum Mechanicsused in Universities worldwide‘.  Here he provides a ‘lucid explanation of three fundamental principals of quantum physics, laying the groundwork for a mind-expanding look at how they relate to consciousness, creativity, and healing’.

Quantum entanglement is a ‘very strange’ feature of quantum mechanics.  It suggests things like particles can be linked at great distances and that what happens to one particular can effect another particle even on the other side of the world.  Experimentation has shown that this is indeed the case, offering another lens through which one may consider phenomenon such as healing at a distance and the power of prayer.  Dr. Brian Greene, professor of physics and math at Columbia University, gives a quick intro to this aspect of our reality that Einstein  described as ‘spooky’:

Dr. Brian Greene – Quantum entanglement from michaeljohnpeck on Vimeo.

In his wonderful book on superstring theory, The Elegant Universe, Dr. Greene  posits that all of the manifested ‘stuff’ of the Universe is composed of tiny little strings, ‘about a hundred billion billion time smaller than an atomic nucleus‘, vibrating in different patterns.  In The Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time, and the Texture of Reality, he wrote that ‘at the ultramicroscopic level, the universe would be akin to a string symphony vibrating matter into existence’.  This corresponds beautifully to the metaphysical concept of ‘raising your vibrations’ in order to transform your health and life.

Here, Ronald E. Matthews, M.S. briefly describes the research of Harold Burr on ‘L-Fields’, in his article entitled ‘Harold Burr’s Biofield: Measuring the Electromagnetics of Life’: “In 1937, Harold Saxton Burr, Ph.D., a Professor of Anatomy at the Yale University School of Medicine, began a series of experiments that sought to measure and characterize the “bio-magnetic field” associated with living organisms. Burr steadfastly believed that life not only exhibited electromagnetic properties, but that these same properties were, in his words, “the organizing principle” that kept living tissue from falling into a chaotic state. He provided incontrovertible evidence for this belief both with sophisticated electrical measurements, and also by being the first person to demonstrate the extraordinarily significant hypothesis that the appearance of physical illness (cancer, in this case) occurs after a measurable change in the organism’s electric field.

The Healing Universe – Scalar Energy and Scalar Waves in Healing: Video by John Micheal Mallon, Physicist and Electronics Engineer: