I enjoy good Reiki treatments on a regular basis and therefore have considerable experience with Reiki practitioners. I find Christine’s work to be very beneficial and it surpassed my expectations. I also had a very excellent remote session with Christine and the result was immediate release of some heavy energies I was carrying as a result of a difficult situation in my life at that time. I would recommend Christine for in-person or remote sessions to anyone.” — Grace Joubarne

Home after my Reiki session with Christine today. If you’ve never experienced a session w
ith Christine, don’t delay. Christine senses the areas which need healing, balancing and grounding. What sets her apart from other practitioners is her ability to sense the subtle energies, those energies that create the blocks in our field.  Thank you so much Christine, I loved it immensely!! ” — Doug Potts

I’ve received many Reiki sessions with Christine and each one has left me feeling accepting, tranquil and like a heavy weight has been lifted. I usually receive treatments to reduce stress and relieve chronic headaches, and after a session with her my headaches either disappear or are significantly reduced. What also keeps me coming back is Christine’s genuine care for my well being and her attention to detail – she uses sound, crystals and incense to create a very soothing environment. Christine is a gifted healer with a big heart and I highly recommend her.” — Ainsley Magno, Yoga Teacher and Healer, www.ainsleymagno.com

I’ve had a few sessions with Christine, and I must say from experience that I admire her sensitivity and her ability to connect to Source. She possesses a natural skill at focusing and aligning those energy fields that surround and flow through us all. She’s a practitioner with a genuine desire to assist others, as we seek balance of body and spirit.

What is it that you seek? Reiki can be as deep as you allow it to be. It’s the intention you put forth, a focus of your thoughts and energies in a positive direction. And even if we may be unsure of those intentions at times, the practice of Reiki, along with meditation, can help clarify any indecision.

Reiki is an interlude of peace, a surrendering, into the hands of a qualified practitioner. In my humble estimation, Christine is an Earth Angel, and I have felt the energy flow through her. I only know that there, in the quiet, in the Oneness, her light has brightened mine.” — Gary Markle

throat blue chakra
I have been a client of Christines for nine months now. The first time Christine gave me Reiki she made me feel very comfortable. She explained to me what the intentions of the treatment would be as I lay on the table. She then put some very relaxing music on and started the session. I could feel her warm hands without them touching me pulling away any tension I had that day. It was such a great feeling. After she was done I felt so calm and relaxed. I have continued to come back for more of this wonderful treat and will continue to do so. Thank you so much Christine. You are a very kind and loving person.” — Ryan Kohn

Thanks so much for the teaching of Reiki on Sunday. I really enjoyed your practical and logical approach to teaching Reiki. You made it easy to learn and apply Reiki. At the end of class I felt equipped to heal myself and others through Reiki. You are a Reiki natural. I really enjoyed your natural, and hands on approach. We didn’t have to follow our manuals.” — Inella

“Hey Chrissy, Remember that last Reiki session and the tumor I had on my neck? Well it has been shrinking down in size and at this point is almost gone. I have cancelled the plans for surgery. It just goes to show that surgery isn’t always necessary. It’s a good thing the waiting list was long or I’d be a mess by now. Don’t know if I can attribute the Reiki to the improvement, but I can’t say it didn’t help either. Thanks.” —
Gary Markle

“Hello Christine, I thought I would let you know that apparently the clearings you did at my Belleville house are allowing lots of creative energy in to help me… I thought you might want to know how much you have helped me. For the first time in a very long time, I feel some relief. A great many thanks Christine.”
— Grace Joubarne


“Once in a while, a person comes along with the knowledge and insight that you need for healing. Christine and her Reiki session brought me a peace unlike anything I have experienced. I have also been instructed on Reiki level one by Christine and her teaching methods are both therapeutic as well as a practical approach to learning. I recommend having Christine perform a Reiki session and or Reiki instruction on anyone…….you won’t be disappointed.” – Jamie Phillip Langlois


“Dear Christine; thank you again for the experience of reflexology. As promised here are my post treatment experiences. First  I felt most relaxed for most of the following day . Over a period of a few days my intestinal symptoms ,mainly of discomfort ,became less and I have become less conscious of any aches and pains. This has continued and my bowel movement has become more regular and normal. I myself feel that I am greatly improved and will begin to  reduce the amount of anti inflammatory  medication (Approved  by the doctor) i do hope that these comments will be of  assistance. Thank you and best regards.” — Brian