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Let’s get you feeling better!

How to Prepare

In the hours before a Reiki treatment, it’s a good idea to avoid excessive caffeine, or alcohol, or anything else that might interfere with your ability to relax and heal.  Comfortable clothing will make your experience more pleasant.  Being well hydrated will allow the energy to flow more readily.

Please avoid the use of fragrances.  I’ll suggest that you turn off any electronics so that you may enjoy the session without unnecessary interruption or interference from human-created electromagnetic pollution.

What to Expect


Your Reiki session will take place while you remain fully clothed, relaxing on a table specially designed for your comfort.  You can be covered with a blanket or sheet if you wish.

Reiki is not a massage – rather it involves the positioning of my hands resting lightly on your body, or in the space around your body, with very little or no movement occurring while my hands are in contact with you.

Contact is not required, and a contact-free session will still provide full benefits, although of course it will be a different experience.

You, the client, are always in full control and I encourage you to express your preferences i.e. music/silence, contact/no contact, etc.

You will be free to talk, ask questions, make requests, cry, fall asleep… or all of the above!  Sessions are typically very quiet times, but I encourage you to speak up should you feel the urge.

Every Reiki session is unique and has its own special treasures in store.  One never knows in advance exactly how it will feel or how it will provide benefit.  Typically a client finds themself very relaxed by the end of a session.

A Reiki session can stimulate change on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Some potential benefits include:


Deep Relaxation

Relief or Reduction of Pain

Accelerated Healing

Energization, Rejuvenation

Enhanced Spiritual Connection

Increased Self-Awareness

A full treatment typically lasts approximately 60 minutes, but can be shorter or longer, as desired.

After a Treatment

After a Reiki treatment, please drink plenty of good water (preferably unfluoridated). A treatment can facilitate release on both the physical and energetic levels; drinking water will help to flush your system and help you feel more grounded.

Before bed, many people like to bath with Epsom or other healthy salts (i.e. Himalayan salts) to help draw released toxins away from the skin. This will also provide you with beneficial minerals such as magnesium.  More on benefits and contraindications for Epsom salt baths, here.

Also, please be kind to yourself! Give yourself as much time and space as you are able to, so that your system can process any shifts in energy that may occur. Every Reiki session is unique.  After a treatment you may feel energized and ready to go, or you may feel ‘spacey’, or very relaxed and wishing to curl up in a ball for a while.

You may also find that emotional issues have been brought to the surface.  If possible, schedule some time for yourself after the treatment, so that you will be free to do whatever is best for you at that time.  You may find yourself wanting some extra quiet time in the hours, or even days, after a treatment.

Confidentiality: I will never share information about you with any third party, without your written consent, or the written consent of your parent or guardian if you are under age 18.


Contact me to book an appointment or for more information:

Email: christine.lightandlove@gmail.com
Phone: 905-230-4155

90 Minute Treatment: $70.
60 Minute Treatment: $50.
45 Minute Treatment: $40.

Package: 3 60-Minute Treatments: $130

Existing Clients: Receive a free 45 minute Reiki treatment after 2 people you refer to me have a treatment or take a class (this is a one-time offer).

Payment Methods: Cash or email transfer.  Send email transfers to christine.lightandlove@gmail.com.  Please note that I am unable to process debit and credit cards.

Click here if you would like to receive occasional special offers via email, including 50% off a treatment within a week of your birthday.

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  1. Annamarie Bohus says:

    Your website is awesome, Chrissy! And you’ve explained Reiki sessions very well. I will be calling you about an appointment as soon as Gary is over his eye surgery and has recovered enough to drive. It is still too cold for me to stand outside waiting for the bus out in the open elements. Thank you for all the good that you do for the people in our community. Blessings and hugs, aniko xoxo <3

    • Christine Massey says:

      Aww, thanks Aniko :) I look forward to your first Reiki treatment, and it will be great to see you!! xoxo

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